Anger Change

Are you worried about how angry you get?
Does one child frustrate and annoy you more than the other(s)?
Are you afraid you might go "too far" one day and hurt your child?
Is your child afraid of you when you get angry?

This programme will help you understand and safely resolve your anger, freeing you to be the parent you want to be.

It will help you recognise the reasons for your anger so you can do something about them.

The programme is run in a small group of women who are concerned about their frustration levels and the risk of taking these out on their child.

A range of activities is offered that provides each participant with the opportunity to explore their frustration, where it comes from, what triggers it and why.
Looking at past and present family patterns helps to see the origin of the anger and frustration. We learn about change by changing ourselves.

This increased understanding often leads to less intense anger responses, trigger behaviours lessen and the cycle of anger is often broken. This change can be dramatic and long lasting.

Anger change involves hard work but is well worth the effort.

A 14 hour programme run over a weekend or several weekly sessions. Facilitated by professional staff who create a safe group environment in which to work.

Dates for Groups 

We are not currently running this programme.

Please contact us to discuss options for other groups.


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