What do we do and how can we help you?

Gail Kotze, October 2008

Parentline doesn't just help parents with 'Terrible twos' and Teen woes. Parentline does a lot more than that.

Although there are parents that turn to us when they need some strategies - there are many more that come to deal with grief, relationship issues, change, indecision, anger and more. If something happens....and it affects you....and you are a parent....we have support in different ways to offer.

We sometimes forget how sensitive and seeing our children can be. Often we are under the misconception that the disconnection we feel with our spouse, the stress we feel because we fell out with a friend, the overload that sits on us when we are not sure what to do about buying that house or even the despair we feel when faced with redundancy....well we think we are masters at disguise and it doesn't affect those around us - least of all our children. Parentline disagrees! We offer support to you as an individual (or a couple) because we know a vast array of life issues affect you, your family and your children. Parentline was founded to support children and families. Parentline was founded to support you.

  • Confidential Counselling is offered. Whether it is your marriage or partnership that needs some focus or whether there are things that have come up for you as an individual - we offer a safe space to find some solutions. Parenting comes with no instruction manual (!) so if there is a bump in your parenting road we offer some strategies and some listening to help you sound things out. Counselling is confidential and our counsellors abide by the NZAC code of ethics.
  • Effective Parenting - Set of six two hour sessions where facilitators and parents come together to develop solutions that really work for their families. Warm informal sessions look at : Generational inheritances, conflict resolution, communication, children's development and more. Participants say they feel supported and less alone and often leave with important insights into behaviour patterns and what they really want for their family.
  • What pushes your buttons - This set of 5 two hour sessions helps you explore the triggers to your angry outbursts, to investigate where these triggers originated and offers tools and strategies on how to deal with them. Although parents generally decide to come because of their children, the learning from this course affects all areas where anger gets a look in. Participants say they feel an increasing sense of control as their awareness grows.
  • Anger Change for Mothers - A therapeutic experiential group for Mothers to explore how anger affects them.
  • Gain Family Programme - Five two hour sessions bring teens and parents together to bridge the generation gap and form closer connections and understandings. Communication, self-esteem, peer pressure, Alcohol and drugs, problem solving, rules and consequences - are some of the subjects broached. Participants say they leave with a better understanding of each other and that they see more opportunity to connect.
  • Blended Families - This workshop (generally run on one Saturday with a follow up 2 hour session) looks at a factors affecting many families today. Expectations are explored and possible strategies for improving life within a family made up of parent, Stepparent and children. The complex dynamics of blended families is explored and hopeful possibilities are brought to light. Participants say they leave with a greater understanding of dynamics and possibilities for their blended family.
  • Phone help line - Sometimes its just good to hear a friendly calm voice on the other side of the phone when parenting gets hard. Our trained Telephone Support Workers are on hand to be the ear of reason, to understand and support you in tough moments. If a call is not enough they will point you in the right direction for additional support.

If any of the above services could support you - give our offices a ring on 06 255 1655. Our phone line is 0800 4 FAMILY 0800 432 6459