If your children’s behaviour is making the Covid-19 time too stressful,

phone Parentline on 0800 432 6459

We will add you to the list of parents to contact.  Our goal is to support you to put a parent plan together that works for you.  There are lots of easy to use Triple P Positive Parenting strategies that can make this time so much easier, and a lot less stressful!

Our team have now moved away from our office space at Hancock Community house and we are working from home. We have plans to maintain support to parents/caregivers over this period.  Our Phonelines, Website (including enquiry contacts)  and  Facebook page are all active and attended from 9.30am-3pm most days. Please be assured we’ll be doing the best we can to support you.  

We've also created a new page on our website called 'At Home With Kids During Covid-19.' You can find it at the top of the list under 'Groups and Counselling.'

Should you be accessing our counselling service, your counsellor will discuss the use of possible online options (SKYPE, Facetime, Zoom, etc) to enable continued service as coming into the office is no longer an option. This is a temporary arrangement and unlikely to be a service option in the longer term. 

We will endeavour to continue to provide group programme services online and will be taking advice from our funding advisers regarding this. 

Do contact us if you’re feeling in need of support. 





 Governance Group

The Governance Group of Parentline Manawatu are looking for some additional members to assist in the important role of governing our organisation. We're looking for strategic thinkers who are capable of assisting in the development of policy and planning. Financial skills would be welcome and it is essential you have a commitment to parenting in positive & nurturing ways.

Membership is by a small subscription and Governance members are co-opted or voted in at our AGM.


You would be welcome to contact us to arrange to come along to meetings to see if this is for you.

This is a voluntary role.