Great Fathering

A group for men who have made a long term commitment to the care, well being and growth of particular children.

Many types of men do the work of fathering: fathers, step-fathers, uncles, grandfathers, mother's partners, mentors, step-grandfathers and good men in the community.

The topics covered will be:

  • Why fathers and fathering are important
  • Being the father you want to be
  • Gender difference
  • Guidance and discipline
  • Working in partnership with mothers and others
  • Building your child's self esteem
  • Fathering from outside the child's home
  • The future of your child

The group runs for eight two and a half hour weekly sessions.

Dates for Groups 2022

Term 1  2022

8 week programme.   6.30 - 9 pm,  Starting tbc.

(Online programme while in Level 3.)

Please contact us to indicate your interest, to register and to confirm the date and venue of the next group.


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