Priya Shetty


Priyadarshini (Priya) Shetty has worked as a counsellor and social worker in a mental health clinic. She has worked with a wide range of people on issues such as postnatal depression, child guidance, bipolar disorder, drug addiction and other psychosis problems.

Priya uses a client-centered manner to meet the needs of clients - which means providing the service by respecting clients' individuality, identity, values and priority.  To gain a better outcome, personalised goals and strategies will be developed for the client and this allows them to explore, identify and utilise their own strengths. Priya also uses behavioral, strength-based and narrative approaches depending on the needs of the clients.

Priya has been living in New Zealand since 2012 with her husband and two children.

Priya has a BA in Psychology, and a MSW in Medicine and Psychiatry.