Policy and Reporting procedures for the Management of Child Abuse


Parentline Manawatu is committed to the prevention of and ending of child abuse in all forms.

We believe child abuse is unacceptable and the well being of the child or young person should be paramount.

What is child abuse?

Child abuse includes suspected or alleged sexual, physical, emotional abuse and neglect, as well as exposure to family violence.

General Principles 

That concerns about alleged or suspected abuse will be responded to in an appropriate and timely manner.

Child abuse will be reported to the NZ Police or Oranga Tamariki as they are the agencies with the legal mandate to investigate child abuse concerns.

Clients will be made aware of this policy and procedures.

Client information and concerns about alleged or suspected abuse will remain confidential to Parentline, the above agencies, and external supervisors where appropriate.

That Parentline personnel (staff and volunteers) will be trained for and supported in the event of allegations or suspicions of child abuse.


  • All concerns about alleged or suspected child abuse should be documented as soon as possible. This should be a priority.
  • Where a child or young person is deemed to be in immediate danger and at high risk an emergency call should be made to 111. The worker should then consult with the Manager or their supervisor if this was not previously possible.
  • Where abuse is alleged or suspected and risk to children is not immediate, the worker should always consult with their Manager or Supervisor before taking action. The Manager will make the decision as to whether a notification should be made. If the decision is not to make an immediate notification a plan should be put in place to ensure the family have been adequately empowered to keep children safe, bearing in mind the paramountcy of the child's welfare.
  • Notifications of alleged or suspected Child abuse will be reported to the Child Youth and Family Service by calling or faxing 0508 FAMILY ( 0508 326 459) at the earliest possible opportunity.
  • At the time a notification is made the Police or CYFs social worker will be informed of Parentline's involvement with the family and will consult about the way the notification should be managed by Parentline.
  • Case-notes will be entered on the client file detailing: Concerns, Professional supervision and/or Consultation with the Manager, and Oranga Tamariki Report(s) of concern and any other documentation of the reporting process.
  • The form on Exess will be completed as the basis for the report of concern (Client file/letters/Referral Oranga Tamariki).
  • An alert will be added to any client file where concerns exist regarding a child or children associated with the client.

Adopted 21 August 2007
Chair Joy Hamilton
Reviewed March 2012, Nov 2014, April 2016, March 2018
Chair Elizabeth Connelly
Review 2020

Reference - Breaking the cycle; Interagency protocols for child abuse management (says annually reviewed).